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My name is Yury! I worked on an REEFER, Eng. Make- B&W 6GFCA 67/ 170- 7,9600 kW, GT- 9522 In a post a cadet and motormen, there are certificates: BASIS SAFETY TRAINING, PROFICIENCY IN SURVIVAL CRAFT, ADVANCED FIRE FIGHTING, MEDICAL FIRST AID, CARRIAGE OF DANGEROUS AND HAZARDOUS, I have CERT. OF COMPETENCY — Third class engineer category A, english level satisfactory, If necessary I own welding .I finished Petrozavodsk maritaim college in 2003 year. In the sea has started to work not so long ago as the engineer has finished in 2007 Petrozavodsk University on a speciality, and about 2007- 2008 served in army and was the electrician- diesel
By last motorvessel has received promotion on the engineer!
But there is a big aspiration to work on tankers!
Best regards Yury!