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I Seeking permanent contract and stable work for few years as Master or Chief Officer or Senior management position within the oil drilling industry Offshore fleet in order to continue honing leadership skills; along with the opportunity for future performance- based progression. Took advantage of On the Job Training to increase my performance capabilities. My morals encompass honesty, trustworthiness, loyalty and equality. I'm a focused manager and team player committed to achieving synergy, mission goals and project objectives. Multitasking, prioritizing my time and efforts, flexibility, and being detail oriented in all I do is innate to my work ethic.
At sea from feb- 1993 I have an experience on different type of vessels (dry cargo, supply, tanker, container) From Nov –1997 on Semi sub heavy lift oil rigs carrier vessels

Nov 1997 – March 2008 m/ v Transshelf, March 2008 – January- 2010 m/ v Blue Marlin, from March 2010 till present time m/ v Black Marlin
At chief officer rank from sep 2005 till present day. I have certificate Master unlimited and few promotion to captain rank . Also I have an experience use azimuthally thrusters system (DP system) but I not passed any course (certificate not available). My last two projects are skidding of top modules and float over operations (BONGKOT and Vyborg projects). Only 8 or 10 float over operations were done by our company I been involved in 6 operations. (ANGEL, MAARI, BONGKOT, VYBORG….) also 12 skidding operations such: semi sub rig E- Drill, West Enemy, (GRT 30000 each) and others. I have knowledge of loading, installation and transportation of different oil rigs and others :MODU, Semi sub, Jack up rigs, Nuclear submarines, barges, dredging equipments )
I have knowledge and experience to use of different ballast systems (pumping system and vacuum pressure system) more that 50 submerging & emerging operations were done by me
My main job during loading or discharging of rigs: safety, security, risk assessment, deck preparation, ballasting and de- ballasting of vessel, stability and damage control, preparation and check of sea fastening for rig transportation and many other responsibilities