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Dear Sirs & Madam
to your attention resume of KALINA Maxim.

Interested in position's — Apprentice Deck Officer/ Junior mate (fourth mate) / trainee 3 Third mate/ or able- bodied seaman

myjob@au. ru
myjobsea@gmail. com

Mobile: +7(812)952- 243- 88- 58
Home : +7(812)394- 89- 78

Skaype — kalinamaxim

full information you can read—- http:// kalinamaxim. dtn. ru/ resum. htm

All documents + medical & USA Visa (C1\D) is ready
Nationality: Ukraine \citizen : Russia
Sex: male /Date of Birth: 16. 04. 1970 Place of Birth : USSR Voroshilovgrag
Religion: christen\ unmarried(single)
Career Objective

1- take the position- Apprentice Deck Officer/ Junior mate (fourth mate) / trainee 3 Third mate (or able- bodied seaman)

2- I am seeking the opportunity of working for a renowned/ stability/ company such as yours as an able seaman. ONLY MIX CREW! I am mainly interested in work with native speaker of English peoples.

3- to get a new experience and knowledge/ to tell the truth and money too 🙂


Oil tanker "RN Privodino" Unicom SCF — Able seaman (5 month) 2010- 2011
Container carrier "YM Vancouver" Danaos -Able seaman (month 3) 2010- 2010
Ice- breaker "Ermak"- Portoflot( Rus)-Able seaman (month 3)-2010- 2009
"SCF Polar" Unicom SCF — Able seaman (9 month- 2 contract) — 2009 LNG
" Narodny bridge "Unicom SCF -Able seaman (4 month) 2009 -2008 OilTNK
" Torgovy bridge "Unicom SCF -Able seaman (6. 5 month) 2007- 2008 OilTNK
sailing vessel " Mir" — deckhand (2 month) 2007
commanding officer- 2006- 2007 State maritime academy
minesweeper (NAVY) — till 2002
2007 – 2011: Able seaman
On deck at sea :
* Scaling, buffing and painting the ship’s structure.
* Sweeping and washing of the deck.
* Splicing the wires and the ropes ( if it is necessary)
* Scrape, clear rooms in ship’s structure.
* To maintain ship's emergency equipment and another gears.
in port:
* Securing of the ship.( + keep control mooring lines …)
* Search stowaway (God forbid!)
* Measuring of the water’s depth.(if this tanker — Oil )
* Controlling around manifolds ( on tanker's)
* Operate a crane ( winch ) ….and suchlike
at sea
* I keep actively watch as a helmsman with the pilot(turning the wheel on the bridge).
* Using if the emergency equipment as directed.
* Running of the gears.
* Launching and recovery of boats.(life- boats/ rescue- boats….)
* Regularly carried out other duties in connection with routine and maintenance of the ship
* To take part in emergency training/ company traning courses/
Oil pollution ….rescueboat drill… man over boat drill…. and many many other….

* my last contract I had chance: correction of carts & publication/ plotting & observations/ operating with radar equipment & ECDIS

I can sent recommendations on demand ( in *bmp or *jpg * pdf format)

Another information pls call- crew coordinator's . Thanks for your understanding
Truly yours